Return Campers – A cheap way to travel!

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Return Campers, Cheap Travel, Glacier National ParkThere are so many ways to travel rather than just flying. When you are housesitting like we are, there is always that in-between-time we have to pay for accommodation, it can start to add up quickly. We have discovered one way to help minimise travel and accommodation costs, while seeing some sights as well. Let me introduce to you Return Campers!

Camper hire companies need travellers like us, to transport their campers from one premises to another. The hire is cheap or even free and sometimes they pay for some of your fuel!

If you need to get to your next destination and you have a few extra days to spare, why not use a return camper?

Here are some reasons why we recommend and use return campers…

  • Rather than paying nightly accommodation costs, travel in a fully equipped van at a fraction of the price!
  • Because you’re travelling through different cities, you’ll see more sights, attractions and places on the way.
  • The campers are excellent quality – we even got a brand new one!!
  • You have a shower, toilet and hot/cold running water!
  • Cook on the go – Campers have a fridge, stove and cooking accessories.
  • Get comfortable! You will have a proper bed and everything you need to live off the grid.
  • Your fully self-contained to stay anywhere! We spent 10 days in a camper and didn’t stay in a campground.
  • Make it even cheaper by finding free dump stations to dump waste and refill water.

The return camper is such a great way to travel, we have done 3 trips in America and Australia

  • Darwin to Adelaide
  • Brisbane to Melbourne
  • Vancouver to Toronto (through the USA)

The only thing to remember is the campers are usually short notice, only go to select destinations and usually come with a limited amount of days and KM’s. But with the savings on accommodation and flights, it really is a cost-effective way to get from A to B.

Finally, I have put together a few of the best camper relocation websites…

Have you had an experience with a return camper? We would love to hear about it!

Interested in finding out more about house sitting? Start house sitting and travel on a budget!

Happy Travels!

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