What's our Story?

We are Dan & Shelley!

We are an outgoing couple originally from New Zealand with a passion for travel and a love for animals.

After living in Australia for 5 years we decided to sell everything and set off on a 2 year working holiday to explore Canada. We quickly released after our first house sit that this was something that would give us the freedom to travel to more destinations and help other people and look after their pets. House sitting also allowed us to start an online business and travel further and longer than we ever thought possible.

From Hawaii to the Rocky Mountains, Los Angeles to Montreal we feel very lucky to have experienced so many amazing destinations over the past 2 years, with another year of house sits already booked we look forward to share more great adventures!

Sharing our passion

We want to share our experiences, tips and tricks to help and inspire others so you can have the great experiences we’ve had. 

Whether you want to do it full time like us or just plan weekend getaways a few times a year, house sitting is a great way to save money on accommodation, stay in beautiful locations, meet some amazing people and have the company of furry friends along the way.